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I am not in Wyoming or Colorado, but I want to work with you. Do you travel?

More coming soon!

Are you familiar with Carrot and/or Progyny & other employer benefits?

Yes, I am familiar with each employer benefit. As a Certified Full-Spectrum Doula and Certified Postpartum Doula which satisfies both Carrot and Progyny's basic requirements for reimbursing doula services. I am familiar with both benefits' processes and can issue the necessary superbill or itemized receipts to help you submit for reimbursement.

Do you attend homebirths or birth center births?

Yes! I would love to support you during your birth center birth or homebirth. As a birth doula , I support homebirths and attend most homebirths. The only home births I will not attend are planned unassisted home births or freebirths. 

Though I believe that every person deserves a supportive and safe birth experience and I am here to provide that support throughout your home birth journey; I do also wholeheartedly believe that a trained homebirth midwife is a necessary part of the homebirth support team.

Do doulas support medicated births?

Absolutely! A doula Is present namely to help enhance your birth experience and support you, no matter what kind of birth you're planning. Before an epidural, there are many sensations and feelings to focus and work through. Until you receive your epidural, your doula will help you with breathwork, positions, massage, and other coping techniques until you get your epidural. It's also important to remember that the epidural does not remove all sensation In labor but reduces them; your doula will continue to aid in your birth process and support you through the sensations you are still feeling.

I have a partner supporting me, do I still need a doula?

Doulas aren't for everyone; but the presence of your partner doesn't negate the role of the doula. In fact, your doula may be the only other person present at the birth in addition to your partner who is solely focused on your emotional well-being. Your doula also ensures that you and your partner are resting, eating and staying hydrated. 

I like to say "your partner knows you, I know birth; together we make a dream team!"

Do you offer more than one kind of birth package?

Yes! I offer 4 main birth packages which can be located under "services" > "birth support." I am also very flexible, and can tweak or adjust packages and pricing to reflect a package that works for both you and me!

I really want a doula, but I don't have the funds, what do I do?

Please still reach out! Our financial considerations should never make us choose between support we really need & our other expenses. I offer my services on a sliding scale / 'Pay What You Can' model of pricing. I am willing to work with prospective clients & allow them to choose how much they can pay for the services. 

How do I leave a review or testimonial?

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