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pregnant woman stands in front of sunset embracing her belly

Conception & Fertility support

comprehensive support and education' whether you are trying to conceive, facing Infertility, or just found out you are pregnant

birth doula gives counter hip pressure during labor while partner looks on

Birth doula support

informative & compassionate care; includes support during pregnancy, labor/birth, and immediately postpartum

pregnant woman and husband laugh and smile while standing in front of a lake

Childbirth education

Childbirth education that has been personalized to your needs & desires for birth!

pregnant person lovingly looks at their reflection in a mirrorn

Independent/ à la carte session

Individualized support as you need it, when you want it!

Newly postpartum mom bedshares with sleeping infant

Postpartum doula support

Supportive and compassionate care Into the transition of parenthood

Sliding Scale 

The Lovely Doula strives to remove financial barriers to enable access to invaluable birth support and services. Therefore, I am willing to use the sliding scale pricing model for my services to allow clients to choose how much they can pay for the services. **

Use this "Green Bottle" diagram below to determine where you fall on this continuum

With the sliding scale pricing model, the investment price will range from $650 to $1,400

**Please be mindful that if you purchase services at the lowest end of the investment scale when you can truthfully afford the higher priced investment, you are limiting access to those who truly need the gift of financial flexibility. 

Please being honest with yourself and your financial situation when engaging with sliding scale practice to help our community grow and help me keep this offer sustainable In our community

"The way we experience and perceive transformative life experiences, like a pregnancy or the birth of a child, is paramount to how our mind/body remembers & processes the experience. Which In turn can have profound effects on our short and long-term health & well-being."