Shannon lives up to her name as the lovely doula in every way. Lots of knowledge and tips to share, and while we were in the hospital I felt incredibly supported. From being with me quietly and tenderly through contractions to checking in consistently and non-invasively about potential birth plan changes and comfort levels with medical professionals and their suggestions, I couldn’t have hoped for anyone better. She stayed until we were good to be on our own, she took pictures when otherwise we would have forgotten, and checked in with us well after coming home to make sure we were/are settling into our new lives. She’s experienced and professional, and I felt entirely confident entrusting our biggest moment with her. 11/10 recommend

November 2023

Shannon was absolutely wonderful throughout my pregnancy! She put me at ease with her knowledge and was available anytime I had any questions or concerns. Toward the end of my pregnancy I learned my baby was breech, so I had to pivot my birth plan from vaginal delivery to a C-section and Shannon provided information on this process that made me extremely comfortable and confident when my delivery date came. Thank you, Shannon, for all your support during this stepping stone in my life!

October 2023

My husband and I are certainly pleased with the care and support we received from Shannon. She is still here for me whenever I need her! She does a fantastic job of checking in with me postpartum and meets me exactly where I need! She has great resources and is very knowledgeable. When my birth took a turn, she was supportive and helped me feel confident. Even though she couldn't be present for my surgery, she instructed me with different labor positions and encouraged me mentally, prior to delivery. She also hauled all of our bags and helped organize our room for when we arrived. I am thankful for the relationship with Shannon during pregnancy, birth and now, postpartum! 

May 2023

Having Shannon as my birth doula was an absolute blessing. She is very attentive and meets you with where ever you are at in your pregnancy journey. She made me feel safe and I was also informed and learned a lot from her as this was my first birth experience. Any questions you have surely will be answered, you will be in very good hands with her. I wouldn't change a single thing about my birth experience.

September 2022

Shannon is a joy to work with. We experienced high quality of care at each visit and during our labor/delivery. Shannon provided fact based information as well as allowed for each of our questions to be answered to the best of her ability. We were also connected to a lactation consultant/placenta professional through the network and community she has created. Our birth experience was as we wished, unmedicated, "fast," and both mom/infant in excellent health. Thank you!

June 2022 

My husband and I were beyond satisfied that we made the decision to hire Shannon! Our birth plan was based around a non-medicated VBAC. Shannon's professionalism and calm reassurance throughout the labor, played a major role in helping us achieve that goal. Her skillfulness in navigating such a high-stress event was a great compliment to my husband offering physical/emotional support, as well as the doctor & nursing staff, who all together supported me through the entire birthing event. Having such an amazing team made it an incredibly memorable and powerful experience; one I will surely never forget and will forever be grateful for Shannon's care and support.

June 2022

Shannon is an amazing doula, support person, and all around incredible human. Our entire birthing experience was different than expected, scary, and often overwhelming. As a mom who struggled with risk of preterm labor starting at about 25 weeks, I was constantly questioning why and researching different options. Shannon was always available to help me work through thoughts, find the up to date research, and be emotionally supportive in stressful times. Shannon is incredibly compassionate, consistent, trustworthy, approachable, communicative, and genuine.  I trust her integrity implicitly. When my water broke at 33 weeks, 3 days Shannon was available by phone for support and drove down the 2 and a half hours to where I had to deliver as baby was preterm. Baby was breech so I ended up having a C-Section and Shannon was there in the PACU with me after surgery, for most of the day in the postpartum room helping with recovery, and even helped us out with our dogs back home when we had no one else to help. We were so relieved to have her support through all the unexpected and trying obstacles. Our baby was in the NICU for over a month and Shannon was an comforting resource and sounding board throughout it all. Her support was invaluable. Shannon has also been an amazing postpartum doula, bringing homemade lactation treats, helping with pumping support and even watching baby when finally discharged home. She has been so helpful with breastfeeding resources and techniques. We still hire Shannon to watch our baby 7 months later and she is so good with baby! We trust her fully and baby is always happy to see her. You will never regret hiring Shannon as your doula no matter what your pregnancy and birth journey becomes.

Karissa & Dillon
March 2022

We were so pleased with our decision to have Shannon as our doula. She is kind, understanding, supportive and encouraging. As a first time mom I was looking for someone to hold my hand and support both me and my husband. She did that for us. In pregnancy, birth and after birth Shannon regularly checked in and was there for us. Whenever I asked a question she would answer quickly or do the necessary research. She was calm and positive. Both my pregnancy and birth were full of complications and I was grateful to have her there as someone to lean on through it all. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants an intelligent, loving and kind support person at their side. 

Kelly & Harry
January 2022

I was pregnant with my first child, my partner and family were states away, and there was this pandemic going on, but I had Shannon. She was incredibly supportive, and made me feel less alone throughout the entire experience. COVID definitely impacted the quality of care I felt like I was receiving and the resources available, but Shannon was knowledgeable to talk me through every question or concern I had. She was patient with me and made contact with the hospital to discuss our options. When it came time, she worked with the hospital to be granted an exception to their COVID protocols and be allowed in the room with us. Prior to that, she discussed the plan if she wasn't allowed in such detail that I felt comfortable if she wouldn't be allowed to be present with us. When the time came for labor, she was positive and reassuring. She knew my birth plan and encouraged me when I doubted myself. We talked through the options available and she helped me trust myself and my decisions. I don't think I would have had such a positive birthing experience without her by my side. I'm so grateful to have met Shannon.

Jes T. 

July 2021

Shannon was really easy to talk to and very caring. She was always sure to reach out to us regularly to make sure that we were doing well. She had a very helpful slideshow prepared that we went through together regarding prep for labor that really helped me feel ready and confident. Thank you for all your help!

Kaylee & Chris

July 2021

Shannon greatly impacted our family's birth story in a positive way. During our prenatal visits she offered resources and asked us questions to prepare for the birth experience and postpartum period. She asked us to identify what we hoped our experience would be like. I expressed my desire to have a natural birth. She helped my husband grow into the best birth partner by sharing reading he could do, as well as offering to tag out with him at the hospital. When my water broke 2 weeks before my due date, I was a bit surprised, but also reassured because I knew that we had a plan for the hospital. My hospital bag was mostly packed and planned out based on our prenatal discussions with Shannon. We notified Shannon that my water had broken and that we were heading to the hospital. She remained on-call until I was ready to have her join us there. The OB on call was pushing for me to take a pill to move my labor along, but I wanted to see what my body wanted to do. Shannon helped in talking with the nurses and doctors and weighing my options with this. I felt supported to have someone besides my husband who believed my body could deliver my son without too many medical interventions. Shannon assisted with turning on candles and diffusing essential oils. While I was pushing she calmly spoke in my ear letting me know that I was getting so close to meeting my baby boy. After delivery she took photos of our new family and even was a listening ear for choosing our son's name. She encouraged us to take some time as a family before inviting visitors in which was an important bonding moment. During the postpartum period I felt like I new what to expect because of our prenatal discussions. We met after our son was born and she offered more resources such as a lactation consultant, physical therapist and postpartum doula. Shannon also validated my frustration about one of my delivery nurses as we debriefed the birth experience. I highly recommend Shannon to any family.

Kate & Josh

May 2020

We could not have been happier with our decision to hire Shannon as our doula. Since this was our first child, we felt there was a lot of unknowns when it came to labor and delivery. While using the checklists online are helpful to sort out your preferences, there was an added comfort in thinking about having someone there who had the knowledge to help us get through whatever might arise. After speaking with Shannon, we knew she was perfect a perfect fit to be there with us. She met with us a few times before the birth to get to know us and help think through our plan. In the weeks leading up to our daughter's birth, she checked in to see how things were progressing regularly and was helpful in reassuring us as things started happening. During the birth, Shannon was a calming presence and extremely helpful to think through different positions for contractions. She was encouraging and positive and a wonderful addition to our birthing team.

Deanna & Nick

January 2020

My husband and I had great experience working with Shannon as our doula. She is very knowledgeable, professional and responsible. We are happy to recommend Shannon to our friends.

Jian and Wenliang

January 2020

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