Embarking on the journey to become a doula can be a daunting task. What with the myriad of choices to make, from selecting an appropriate doula training to launching your business. The process entails not only the selection of a training program or completion of a certification, but also the establishment of a new business. As a new doula, it is common to feel unsure about the entire process.

That is why I am pleased to offer my expertise, experience, and knowledge to support new and prospective doulas. My assistance extends to various aspects of doula work, including but not limited to 

Additionally, I can offer guidance with regard to your business plan, and address your concerns or queries about doula work, on-call schedules, and more.

Mentorship options

a virtual or in-person meeting 


meeting oriented around your personal & professional goals and any questions you have for me

virtual or in-person

$100 per month desired

2 meetings each month guided by your goals & as needed support throughout the month